Monday, March 30, 2009

Was able to run/ work out 3 out of 4 days...the 4th day we just hiked.....not too bad....have found out how important "stellar" nutrition is in avoiding some of the minor chemo side effects 4 days of no raw veggies, not much fruit, probably not enough water, and drinking some wine has produced the dreaded "mouth sores" that I've not had until now...Sunday I'm back on the water, veggies, and fruit wagon and the sores have almost disappeared by Mon. and learn....


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  2. I finished chemo in November '08(diagnosed with breast cancer in March '08,mastectomy/chemo/radiation). Your routine during your treatments is inspirational. I've been trying to get the hospital I was treated at to set up an exercise program for patients going through chemo. There is a strong emphasis on exercise after all chemo is completed but not during chemo treatment. I hope that will change as I credit my exercising (no where close to your level though :) ) with allowing me to go through chemo with very few side-effects.

    Thank you very much for sharing this.

    P.S I deleted my previous comment because I caught a grammatical error :)