Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saw the reconstructive surgeon yesterday and once again my left arm, side is very sore....who would have thought "stretching" would be so painful! But did it stop me from working out? No it didn't like alot of things "you just work around it!"

Sounds like our weather is finally going to start warming up, a good time for everyone to catch some extra exercise!

Also received info from genetic testing I'm not a carrier of the brc1 or brc2 gene ....this is good, unfortunately the sciience just isn't sophisticated enough to discover what caused my cells to mutate and what type of genetic component was involved....oh well will just have my genetic code in the genetic bank for further research......


  1. What a relief you're not a carrier! S

  2. Laura, Hi, Sue Wagner here, remember me? From Debbie's house? I have been following your progress and just found out about this blog yesterday from Kim. You girl, are amazing! I was in a car accident a few weeks ago and just found out I have been walking around on a fractured foot and have to have surgery, i was upset about it, but after reading your entire blog, I have decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, get the surgery and get on with things. I have been and will continue to pray for you. To comment back to p[eople, just click on my highlighted name, and then scroll down to comment, it should work. Stay tough, and continue the fight, what am I saying of course you will! I will continue to check back! Sue