Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have just started reading LAnce Armstrong's book "It's Not About the Bike" (ITs his battle against cancer)I certainly don't put myself into the same category as him...nowhere close....but I am floored at the many similarities between my blogs, my "Chronicles" that I am writing, and the quotes and story in his book so far........
he was told at a young age he had a "chip on his shoulder" My 4th grade teacher said that about me as well,......he was "driven" to train. so was I (too bad I wasn't as successful as him in sports performance..... ) He told his Oncologist that maybe the chemo wasn't brutal enough,maybe he wasn't sick enough from the chemo...I asked my Oncologist if we could move the treatments to every two weeks instead of every three....because maybe I was feeling too good, was there a more intense treatment to kill the cancer?.....He told the Surgeon to cut out all the cancer...I told mine to rip it all out no matter what, right before I went under.......He said as long as he keeps moving during chemo, then somehow he would be less sick, ....I've said exactly the same thing, that it will make me stronger.....he compares battling cancer to battling on the bike races...I'm comparing it to running and training......and finally at the end of his press conference when he announces that he has cancer his final statement is, "I'm determined to fight this disease, and I will win"......my final statement in the inspirational talk that I give is,"I have never had a better team backing me than the one I have now and we will win."
And yes he won........and we will win too! I'll just end up making everyone else stronger who comes in contact with me so they will win their challenges as well!

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  1. Laura,
    In my book you are just as much as a hero as Lance Armstrong! Love you. Keep fighting. S