Sunday, March 22, 2009

And what a beautiful day to get your exercise program started! Day 4 after chemo, about 75% but did go biking out by Shawnee Lookout Forest.....did uppper body weights closing in on before surgery strength with pec press, flys are getting stronger as well!

HAVE YOU DONE YOUR EXERCISE TODAY? If not, there's not a whole lot of viable excuses!

On those days immediately after chemo when I'm feeling weak/sick I just have to remember that things do get better, just be patient....not unlike what all of us deal with daily......we all have to be patient sometimes and realize every schedule is not under our control...for all of us "Moms" out there that's tough to swallow sometimes considering we are the "masterminds" of schedules.....Lets ALL remember this, it will help us keep our sanity.....


  1. You're right on there, Laura. It never ends-now Nicky is me and I am my mother! Kind of scary! Kids can carry a whole lot more responsibility than we give them the chance or credit for-make them take up some of the slack. Look at all the chores your mom and I had to do! S

  2. I am catching up Laura. My technology skills are not much better than the typing. You have a strong resume working with your progress. Always remember to trust in faith and your medical team and be sure to lean on that husband of yours! - JB