Sunday, March 15, 2009

Once again out biking in thr great weather....rode from the house on the loop around Shawnee loookout Forest, through Cleves and back home up the big "dam" hill of HVL (not sure of the mileage)......Seems the wind once agin blew against me going all directions....but that's Ok it'll just make me stronger!
Have thought many times since this all began how fortunate I am I can still do these things I love to do, inspite of the chemo, inspite of the cancer. Someone asked at church today why do I keep working out through it all?....I have to think that every workout makes me stronger, and the stronger I am, the weaker the cancer will be!


  1. Hey, remember to save some of that energy to fight off your disease! S

  2. Laura, I pray for you everyday. We just found out they think my dad's cancer is back I guess we will find out soon, I wish I could send him some of your energy! Sue