Monday, March 23, 2009

Today as I once again feel better after chemo, I realize one of my biggest fears while I'm "sick" is that I will not feel better, that I will continue to feel this way until the chemo is over completely, and I know I just wouldn't be able to handle's probably not rational, but frankly there's not a whole lot rational about this whole situation! When these thoughts enter my head, I just try to push them out and "keep the faith".....three times now I have felt better by the end of day 4 so there's no reason this trend should not continue.......

On a different note, I saw on the news today that there will be a 100 mile bike ride fron Columbus OH to (I think) Athens to raise money for cancer research, it will be held August 29. The promoters are saying LAnce Armstrong will be riding in this. This should be about right when my 12 weeks of chemo are finished....I'm going to ask the Oncologist if I can participate in it....anyone else interested? If not you can sponsor me if I get permission.... Now obviously, we won't be keeping up with LAnce unless he's riding a tricycle, but this might be something awsome to participate in....will keep everyone posted

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  1. This will be on our 45th wedding anniversary and on your Great Grandma Bascom's birthday. Of course we will sponsor you. S