Thursday, March 5, 2009

So here it is Thursday one week after the white blood cell shot....the one they said would make me sore......well I was really sore today...sore glutes, sore quads, don't think it was from the shot though....probably from the class I taught Tues.evening (really worked the legs), and the 5 mile run, and the spinning workout on Wednesday......nope don't think it was from the shot!

I went to the community center, the cardiac rehabers were in there doing their phase 3 and 4 cardiac rehab, brought back so many memories from grad school, and the EPA I loved doing cardiac rehab, they are a fun group, ....I'm sure they were, looking at me like I was nuts...if only they had known I too was recovering, just at a different level than them....the important thing was all of us were in there doing our best......

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