Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! What an intersting wish this year compared to last! Makes one think twice how lucky we all are to be saying that, and meaning it! This year again will be a year of many changes, many things we still cannot predict, all I think are positive, all should be good......

So everyone needs to be keeping their New Years exercise resolutions.....I missed one workout day due to surgery....slowly recuping getting less and less sore.....Hope everyone is not using excuses to be lazy!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Surprised I am still sore, after all its been a whole week! I have found one scholarship that I think I'm eligable to apply for....AARP womens scholarship....old womans scholarship! Guess I'm an old woman, the applications start in February and close in March, I figure its worth a try.....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas,its amazing to think of all the things which have changed in the last year.....saying 2009 was a year of trials, tribulations, changes, accomplishments, and and "victories " fought and won would be putting it mildly......2010 I have a feeling will have many changes as well........

Have had about all I can stand of "not doing much: pretty sure my body is ready to start gearing up again after suregery....after all it's been 5 days, plenty of time to heal, am doing a little more every day graduallyall feels good.....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pretty sore, did easy workouts yesterday and today though.....everything seems to be healing well......

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Had surgery today, all in all not feeling too bad this evening after a 3 hour nap. Folded laundry, dishes, dinner....Oh ya, I'm supposed to take it easy...will get around to that. Wondering if tomorrow I will be real sore (kind of like what you feel like the day after a tough workout)...we shall see! Guess I may take a day off working out tomorrow, will see how I feel.....Everyone else needs to make sure you're not taking too many days off! It's always easy to find need to stop looking for them and start looking for opportunities!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dec. 21....Mine and Daves 24th wedding anniversary....who would have thought...24 who would have thought I'd be the one of all of our friends to get cancer...strange how things end up. Have to look at it this way....I am the strongest, healthiest, and most in shape (well probably) so therefore I am the one who could conquer it the best! Besides conquering it, I've received e-mails, and thank yous from so many people who have in one way or another been inspired, driven, or helped in some way by my fight......this is all good! Hopefully many others have benefitted from my experience!
Surgery most definitely on the downhill slide!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Day of Ski season today....felt awsome to get back on the slopes since last year the season was cut short with surgery Jan. 15......The muscle memory was pretty good....feel fortunate to have the health/ strength to go on the ski slopes (after a workout of course) and have such a great day!
One more surgery on hoping to recover quickly so as not to interrupt another ski if you didn't exercise today...whats your excuse? Not many very good ones out there!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All finals Finished! (100,100,100,100,98,96,95,90) not too shabby considering I didn't know If I would make it through this summer! A few days to get Christmas stuff done, finish first half of clinical rotation notes, then surgery on Tuesday......

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I KICKED A__! 100% on all practicals, 98% on the final! Only three more finals to go! Amazing how well a person thinks when there's no chemicals in the body!

Lymphedema survived the weekend and the drive as about the same

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 now freaking out about the weather forcast for Thursday since I'm driving to "the North Pole"...will be ecstatic when finals are over Tuesday.......

Lymphedema is "softening up with massage and cold laser therapy.....studying makes it worse.....I knew this school stuff was bad for you!

Found out today that at least I'll be getting a student loan....this will help....sure wish I could find some scholarship or granted reciprocity, but things are looking doubtful for all of these....anyone have any ideas let me know.....Actually now that all treatments are over, at least a "steady even part time job" would help....oh well, lots of people out there saying that same thing.....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some one asked (Tony) why I don't use face book...I simply don't have time....barely have time to do this.....anyway...

....It was one year ago today that I was diagnosed officially with cancer, and what a year it has bee! Whocould have thought in their sildest dreams that things would be so different in so many ways.
1. who would have thought that I'd be representing Underarmor power in pink be on the Baltimore Ravens Football field during a game and be introduced to a roaring crowd. Be an expert at a festival, and have my picture in several magazines and sports stores.
2. Who would have thought I'd be in school AGAIN can't beleive I've made it this far.....all on chemo brain, and radiation.....hopefully it will all be worth it
3. Who would have thought my "former employer" would be such jerks (OK guess I could have guessed that one) not even returning phone calls and e-mails when I offered to come back to work....Their loss, they could have goten quite a bit of "good" publicity instead of what they've gotten.
4. Who would have thought, surgery, chemo, radiation, and everything else would have barely slowed me down....still working out and staying strong!
5. And who would have thought I'd be on TV not once but twice!
Through all of this I have to say it's shown me who friends and professionals are and who was "fake"(you all know who I'm talking about), using me for their purpose at the time. .....Not quite finished yet.
Reconstructive surgery Dec 22, have lymphedema in my right arm, am trying to "control" it....all in all though, can't complain!

Hope everyone got out and worked out today!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Finals coming up next weekend....stress level is increasing! Lymphedema is better, but still there, after 1 massage and 2 cold laser treatments. have some things I'm doing on my own as well.....lets hope the weather cooperates for the drive up to Astabula next well as the drive a little nervous about if I don't have enough to worry about with finals, just hoping I get there!