Wednesday, April 29, 2009

one more chemo more to go......on the downhill slide........Have had more blood cell count didn't go up....but it didn't go that actually is a victory. DR. asked how I'm doing,, told him I have less endurance when running my5-6 miles runs, but that I schedule my chemo's on Wednesday so I can go to a one hour spinning class before chemo, then lift weights. He said in other words I'm doing fantastic.

He said that I am maintaining my fitness level while going through the roughest chemo, and that is great. I actually reminded him that I'm actually not maintaining because my max VO2 is not as high as it used to be, but am doing what I can.....He looked up from writting his notes, smiled, shook his head and reminded me that I am going through chemo, and haven't missed a workout, that maybe I might want to give myself a little break. that my red blood cells are lowand I'm still maintaining. He has decided that if we don't kill the cancer with the drugs that I'm going to run the cancer out of my body with my workouts......just wants me to be sure I don't run my body too hard, I will continue being "conservative" when I need to.

We talked about nutrition as well...he agrees it's vital...wishes more people would follow good habits.

Talked with him about a probable interview I will end up havinf in the American College of Sports Medicine Journal (will keep you informed). HE really wants me to add that women just like me need to be made very aware that even if they do EVERYTHING RIGHT that this doesn't give them the "gold pass" that they won't get cancer...specifically breast cancer.....he has Basically just being female is a big risk women who are fit and healthy just simply can't ignore it they have to be proactive, and if they are positive for cancer, they are miles ahead of the game because they are strong, fit, healthy and ready to fight it....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Such beautiful weather. just makes you want to go outside and exercise...doesn't it? Wondering if my iron is higher. Appreciating feeling so good! This too will end in a few days and the cycle will start over again.....

Get out and move...while the weather is still nice.....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ahhhh...How I love the week before much energy (actually just feel normal). Awsome weather today, bike ride around Shawnee Lookout Forest and through Cleves....1 hour and 30 minutes...not too bad! Not sure think it's about 25 miles......
.......So what Have you done today? Better be something .........

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More energy today than I've had in a month.......maybe the increased iron intake is making a difference! Did an hour spinning workout followed by weights. Was even able to push myself during spinning, and am not tired at all this wonderful is that!

Hope all of you are keeping your workouts going in this less than hospitable weather!

Chemo #5 next week....I'm on the downhill slide (of these anyway).......only my workout clients will appreciate the downhill slide!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

HAve had a hard time finding time to even post a team I'm coaching (Destination Imagination) made it to the State Finals They did awsome but didn't make it to Global finals (I am somewhat releived....I would have had to move my last chemo if they had made it). PAin meds before and after "fills" made things a little better...was able to function, drive to Indy for the competition, and function Saturday at the competition as well! Was short of breath with chest pains there was no "space" for awhile...must be what it feels like to have a heart attack.

Stayed with a college roomate and her family...a full workout room at her awsome was this? Got her eliptical warmed up for her Saturday morning.

Anyway I have found a couple cereals that are 100% RDA of iron so am eating this...will have time now to get back to some of this info. I do feel like I have more energy already....might be psychological....

Monday, April 13, 2009


So the chemo continues to destroy my red blood cells along with the cancer cells , which in turn makes me anemic, and more tired....becomes a viscious cycle I will be trying to stop. After much ressearch I have found a couple iron fortified cereals (smart start and post grape nuts trail mix) that contain 90-100% of RDA for iron...Spinach, red beans,lentils with rice, and some of the "health drinks contain 10-15% of RDA's, and Whole grain flax seed bread contains 15% of RDA's...yes I know red meat especially liver has alot....but I just can't deal with the Since I previously have been getting 100% of my RDA of iron yet my RB counts keep dropping I obviously need to get above and beyond the RDA for iron.

I will hopefully find out from a dietician how much extra I will need and of course we have to make sure I'm getting enough Vit.C which aids in iron absorption, and that milk products (cereal with milk) are not inhibiting the iron absorption....never thought chemo wars would be so complicated! But if we can figure all of this out it will hopefully help others in the future!

Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

still feeling chemo effects......things will get better....Easter is going to be nice weather so get out and enjoyit....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

chemo # 4 down....only 2 more of these to go.....Went to take a nap last night at 6:00....slept straight through to 7:30 this morning......felt good enough to do an easy 18 mile bike ride today....not too bad for the day after chemo.....

What did you do today for exercise? should have done something...not many excuses wll qualify!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So here it is April 7, and it's 25 degrees and snowing....what's up with that? Indiana weather at it's finest. So are you getting tired of your indoor workouts? Try some cross training. Today I alternated the eliptical with hard punching and kicking on the "heavy bag" punching bag....actually it's pretty fun. If you happen to have one try it, or just hold weights in your hand power off your legs and punch holding the weights.

Things have "healed up" from the surgery,obviously, since I can pound on the heavy bag....Too bad I have chemo tomorrow, since I was so strong in my workout today. Oh well.....the three week cycle will start again......

Friday, April 3, 2009

Am sorry I haven't checked in for a few youngest (Alex) is in a play at College of Mt.St. Joe (Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat) and have been with him at practice/performance every day since Monday from 5:30-9:30......It's all over Sunday.

Anyway, so I go out for a run Wednesday in Sharon Woods.....and what's the deal , why are my legs so tired (did an easy workout on Tuesday after the bike ride Mon. ) well I did figure out that the first half of my run was uphill against the wind, it was amazing how easy the second half on the way back was! After all it surely couldn't be from the chemo or that I'm getting old!

Had a revelation.....a friend said something about,"well when things get back to normal let me know....." Guess it suddenly occurred to me that I have to make a new definition of what normal is for me......I will be going through chemo, radiation, etc through frankly, there will be no "normal " for quite a long time and even normal after all of that will certainly not be what used to be considered normal for me.

Bottum line is all of us have to roll with the punches, no matter what detours life throws at us, we need to constantly redefine "normal".....Make an opportunity out of an obstacle!" Keep on keeping on because "normal" will constantly be evelving into a new definition.