Monday, January 26, 2009

Soooo.... here we go Round 2. Score: Round 1 surgery, Laura wins in a landslide, kept me down for six days, started working out (easy at first) the seventh day. Cancer on both sides threw curve balls, but we will learn how to hit them!
Now Round 2 begins. Will have the port for chemo put in Monday at 1:30. Wed will have an echocardiogram (always wondered what my heart looked like and how it functioned now I guess I get to find out)(intersted to find its ejection fraction), Friday Chemo starts......So......let the second battle begin, only hope it is as"easy" as the first.....Yes there's some pain and soreness, no I don't pop up out of bed as quickly, and I feel like both triceps have burned skin all the way from my shoulders to my elbows but hey, if this is it, I can deal with it.....Thanks for everyne continued support!

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