Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello all from the snowy/icy hills of Lawrenceburg. Thank Goodness for all of you and friends that get us out when I can't drive. Actually under "normal" conditions I can drive locally but a little nervous about driving when I can only use my arms halfway. Not alot of "new" news, pain is still mild, disability still mild.....FOR THOSE OF YOU NOT EXERCISING YET YOU SERIOUSLY BETTER GET GOING, I THINK I'M CLOSING IN ON YOU! I have improvised some upper body work such as horizontal rows and horizontal biceps curls using tubing. AND IF YOU AREN'T DOING SOME OF THIS WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE? Now days I don't accept many.
Again, if you can't answer back to me on the blog feel free to just e-mail me...I don't know how to answer back either.....

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