Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hope everyone survived the snow...gave me a chance to play Alex (10 yr. old) on Wii baseball,bowling, and golf....he handily beat me in baseball and bowling but I came out the champion isn golf (2 over par)......Anyway, I am looking at headgear for when chemo starts, Guess my "haiestyle" will change....I have not found anything yet that suits me for when I'm working out. Suppose I can just get a mesh Lance Armstrong hat and wear it, but I've got some awsome ideas like baseball type hats or bandana syyle kercheifs, and singlets,cycling jersies,T-shirts, made from sweat wicking materials with slogans such as:
"Running Cancer Down"(runners)
"Beating Cancer one step at a time"(walkers)
"Running cancer into the ground" (runners)
"Spinning my wheels to beat cancer" (cyclists/spinners)
Now all I need is a way to manufacture and produce this.....am wondering if I'm the only crazy person to be fighting through this chemo, cancer,radiation by exercising when I'm able.....maybe/maybe not.....anybody have any thoughts on this? Just curious....I think I've got this whole cancer ordeal to start inspiring others to fight their (many) battles harder,stronger, and with perserverence....will have to think of ways to do this....

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  1. Good Morning Laura! Hope you and your boys are enjoying the snow - it is beautiful! Our building is closed today, thank goodness. I think your inspiration for others is so cooolll! We can work on some prototypes if you like. I plan on playing outside with some neighbors today trying to work out some muscle soreness from a Monday night class. Here is my personal email if you prefer: shepherdjackie@yahoo.com. Take care, and we'll "talk" tomorrow...