Thursday, January 22, 2009 many of you have been asking what the Oncologist had to say tonight......WOW is about all I can say...WOW again because had I known how "serious" things were when I went into all of this I just don't know if I would have been able to handle it all...small pieces at a here it is, much different than evenI knew till tonight:
On the right (which is the one I and the Surgeon thought was a stage IIA, was actually Stage III 3 out of 4 axillary lymph nodes were positive for carcinoma (size ranging from .2-.5 mm) Dr Cody (ONCOLOGIST) said this was the most aggressive and concerning. So radiation needed to kill any chance cancer spread to other lymphs
Left (the one I thought was worse Stage IIB) extensive lobular carcinoma in all quadrants all the way up to the axillary tail and lymph nodeBUT the lymph nodes were negative for malignancy (This is most likely why my left pec was tight at the insertion and I couldn't figure out why)...the cancer was taking up room, it was greater than 5 cm in expanse.......Anyway good news was all 14 lymphs were negative for malignancy...problem here is because the cancer was so close to the muscle, they will need to do radiation here to make sure it didn't spread, this cancer however was less aggressive......
So what now? We fight this tooth and nail...we take no prisoners!
Dr. Cody wants to get on this AGGRESSIVELY Will start hopefully in 2 weeks first round of chemotherapy This will last approx. 6 weeks. This will be followed by a second round, then a third round....finally followed by radiation on both sides. (I really can't remember how many weeks each will take but musch longer than I had imagined)
To my clients.....I am not sure how all of htis will affect me, I'll see how I do with the first chemo, and we'll se what happens from there......I am sorry I may not be back as soon as I thought....I'll let you know a timetable when I know it (Dr. Cody told us, I've just forgotten)
Good news is he does want me to continue working out (I actually did my first one this morning easy hour on the eliptical, lower body wts,abs)....figured one week was long enough for "healing from once is everyone's chance to catch up with me.....
In all seriousness please keep those prayers, positive thoughts, and support coming beleive me I couldn't do this without all of you!

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