Thursday, January 22, 2009

I found out yesterday that I will need both chemotherapy and radiation. Have an appointment today at 1:00 with Dr. Cody, he;s supposed to be the best around, progressive and cutting edge....lets hope for the best and I will post what I find out once I'm back


  1. Hi Laura...sorry to hear about your chemotherapy and radiation, but like you say, medicine now a days is cutting edge and progressive, so I have faith that you will sail right through it with no problems. We are all thinking about you and are in my prayers.

  2. not the news you (we) hoped for, but I know you'll take the bull by the horns and deal.

    whether you want to consider this a "challenge" or a "fight," there's not a person reading these blogs that doens't know that YOU CAN DO IT.

  3. Ah - Laura, if anyone is up to the challenge, you are. Amazing you are still committed to keeping your body in best possible shape and want to bring those of us who may not exercise so regular along with you. An inspiration I tell ya!!!