Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day after surgery

Day after surgery...I feel like I've just had the most intense upper body workout in my life, my chest,arms and biceps insertions by my elbows are sore...doc really doesn't know why the bicep insertions are sore. She was, however, very impressed with the size of my pecs. Said they were over 1/2 inch thick where most womens ar 1/8 of an inch....she said this will be good for everything to attach.
The surgery took about 1 1/2 hours more than expected, they had to do a different surgical technique due to where one of the cancers was located....she said it was right next to the skinsince I didn't have any fat. (yes I have had many offers of fat donations) anyway apparently she had to take some skin to get good margins. She said she did this in hopes of preventing the need for radiation, etc. We won't find this out until Mon or Tuesday. So if I have some be it....Just want to incinerate the cancer and get it out. She had to take some lymph nodes on each side as well.
I'm actually doing pretty decently now walking around, getting up and down by myself, doin some lower body stretching and abdominal's so odd not doing my morning workout....I will be antsy to start that ASAP......Three CHEERS FOR BETTER LIFE THROUGH NARCOTICS!

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