Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tomorrow is the next chemotherapy.
Had to get a short haircut on Sunday.....thanks again to my many friends. Actually some people who didn't know what I was going through told me they really liked the new short look....told them not to get used to it either because this hair will probably be gone in a week or so....

I'm sure everyone has been doing their workouts...RIGHT. Did a 5 mile run this morning will teach class again this evening. Was surprised was a little tired on the run, after all I did an easy 45 min session on the eliptical followed by easy wt. training yesterday because it was a planned easy day after three hard days of workouts.....Could the cancer and treatments be making me more tired.....nonsense.....no probably I'm just old and maybe need two easy days instead of one! Nontheless the important thing is just remember doing something is better than nothing...so get going and do something!


  1. You're keeping me inspired! Let me know if you need something else or if I can do something. Have you heard the results of your genetic test? S