Thursday, February 26, 2009

THe day after chemo #2....not too bad, seems to be starting like last time nauscious in the morning and the evening, (haven't been able to eat since about 4:00)but Ok during the middle of the day. After I took a couple pills this morning was OK by 10:00.
Went biking outside for the first time after surgery. Went to the bike trail to be on the safe side I was a little worried my upper body wouldn't be strong enough to control the bike...alas....these worries were for naught! Didn't do too bad 16 miles in an hour.

Take home message....I biked for an hour the day after chemo...if I did more than you today, you better get yourself in gear tomorrow after all you can't let a person with cancer and chemo do better than you!

Am I inspiring any of you yet?

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