Thursday, February 12, 2009

Genetic testing at Childrens today to see if I am a carrier of the BRc1 or BRc2 genes (these 2 genes destine a person to have cancer)....very interesting process, geneticist said I've got about a 20% chance of being a carrier. Makes no difference in my cancer treatment but makes a difference for the rest of my family and my offspring.

Am not feeling achy or sore bones and joints from my shot yet....hopefully this will continue, if it does that probably means my body has enough white blood cells. I may end up feeling (muscularly) sore from the 5 1/2 mile run today. You know fighting cancer is alot like running in Hidden Valley. You have uphills where it gets tough and you just have to shorten your stride, dig deep and get to the top without giving know you can do it because at the top there will be the very worst, followed by a downhill where you can recoup your strength and get ready for the next both the important thing is to "just do it"! No matter how hardor slow it is to get to the top,you'll never make it if you give up and stop!

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  1. Laura, this is beautifully expressed; especially the part about running in HVL. Keep up the fight. DJT