Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So this was our last nice weather day.......hopefully all of you took advantage of this and did a little exercise outside......

Don't know if any of my step class people read this, but last night I taught my class for the first time since the surgery......I had to make sure none of them would make comments about my class being wimpy now, or that I've gotten "soft" just because of having cancer and surgery!

It's pretty awsome, I'm actually SORE! (sore glutes) It's pretty awsome being sore after a workout just because the workout was good and hard....much better than the soreness after a surgery! Now all of you know what that means.....we should all be greatful to be sore after a workout so now we won't complain any more RIGHT? (probably wrong...but it was worth a try).

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  1. Laura - I love coming in and reading a few days worth of posts - they really are encouraging. I also have to tell you that when I am feeling lazy and sorry for myself, I think of you and your attitude toward exercise. The dogs and I had a great hike last Sunday and we did some extra just because! So thank you!!