Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hello all...think I got the ch 19 times slightly wrong,it will be this Monday 6:30-7 am then again 8:30-9 am, then 10:00 news sometime.....Hopefully it will be edited so that any who see it will realize that no matter what they are facing they can do things themselves to make things better, even if its just a little bit, that nutrition is vital in this whole process, and that all women are at risk for breast cancer, even if they do all the right things just because they are women, but doing all the right stuff will make them stronger to fight it if they get it......


  1. Laura, My dad started chemo yesterday for colon cancer. I only wish he was 1/4 as positive and motivated as you are. Please post again MOnday morning, so I remember to watch you on TV, thanks, Sue

  2. I'll probably be at an appointment Mon. mornig so not even sure if I'll get to see it....