Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Saw the Doctor, she said the incisions are healing very well, I thought she was going to take the stitches out....nope....she's leaving them in two more weeks, she said irradiated skin you have to be very careful because you can't tell if its healed underneath. Its VERY DIFFICULT for me to continue no skiing, no running, obviously no lifting weights using any chest muscles.....Doing my best to continue following Drs orders Actually she didn't say I couldn't ski but am thinking I probably shouldn't UGH!

Skiing wouldn't be the problem, just falling would be a problem. Skin still bruised, still alot of "prickling pain" obviously healing.....

Will just keep doing "non impact" stuff, minimal weight training.....I'm getting weak......nows the time for many of you to catch up with me! So better start working out hard!

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  1. Laura, Just a few more weeks and then you'll know you're healed. Sounds like you are doing really great! So glad to hear that! Sue