Wednesday, October 21, 2009

LAST DAY OF RADIATION! One more thing checked off the list and completed! The Physician today said he is amazed at how well I withstood everything compared to any other patient he has had especially since I had both sides radiated. I did have to remind him that I am not like any patient he has had....he agreed!

Even though I am burned, with one area close to blistered, he said my symptoms are much less than any he has seen...,,all I can say is I'm sure happy that if this wasn't much, I didn't see anyhting severe!

Wed Nov. 4 will see the Oncologist. not sure whats after that hopefully NOTHING! Except the last surgeries. which won't be until early December.

I certainly know how to celebrate being done with radiation....will leave tomorrow for the next three day lab at Kent State, take lots of tests, midterms etc....oh boy, can hardly wait!

Everyone needsss to get out and enjoy this weather, hopefully I can get on my bike next week hopefully a little more time!

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