Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another radiation down.....Only 12 more to go....so far no side effects. This will be quite a big weekend! Flying out to Baltimore for Under Armour festival Friday and Saturday. Sunday myself and the two other girls will be down on the football field....sounds like we will be on NAtional TV......wow who would have thought! They said I can't wear a Bengals jersy though.....Oh well, Jim Harbaughs wife is actually a friend I used to work with, so I end up cheering for the Ravens quite a bit anyway!

A friend said our pictures were in another magazine. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could spread the education of this didsease to everyone! Wouldn't it even be better if a vaccine were discovered to irradicate the disease! Maybe someday!

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  1. You're getting to be quite a celebrity! I can say, "I knew her when.............". Picked up a Shape magazine--nice picture! Have a great time in Baltimore.