Monday, August 17, 2009

Sure was awsome this weekend to not be studying......had forgotten what a normal weekend/ life was....oh yes normal except for cancer! anyway had a chemotherapy is over/passed my classes celebration over the weekend hwhat fun...and what wonderful supportive people I have behind me through all of this....I thank all of you. LAst chemo is Tuesday.

Got stung by a little yellow jacket wasp this morning...ugh! As many of you know I'm allergic to the I don't die, just swell like a ballon. It literally chased me down for no reason and stung me on the back of the thigh. Was hoping I had enough chemo drugs in me that it wouldn't swell....wrong was the size of a softball within 45 min. of being stung. I even took bendril immediately, plus have had ice on it the whole time.....One good thing about seeing the Oncologist so much I was able to call in and they immediately called in a step down predazone pack.......hey lemonade out of lemons right!

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  1. Last Chemo Day, Hurrah!! Thanks for the invite for Saturday, but we had a family party already planned, hope it was a great time! Sue