Sunday, November 22, 2009

More "strange" things....a learning experience.......Over the last couple weeks have noticed that it seems like my pec muscles and upper arm muscles are getting tighter? Doesn't make since considering all treatments are finished. Have been aggressively stretching (surgeon said I could) and am noticing bruising (like theres's possibly scar tissue being stretched) in the chest and underarm area.....will have to ask about this.....Trying to keep any lymphadema at bay, tightness in the R forearm and upper right medial biceps area.....will have to keep a watch on this.......

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  1. I think it's scar tissue and maybe you're breaking it a little, blood vessels may burst and hence the bruising. Keep stretching it so you don't shrink, is what I would do. When I had all my surgeries Doc. said it was important to keep moving to prevent adhesions and scar formation. Admittedly, that was abdominal, but scar tissue is scar tissue!