Friday, November 20, 2009

Got a new "hair dew" today....a big thank you to Terry Jamie Murphys mom) I'm thinking the wig is history......will have the "short cut" for awhile, but the hair is golden blond.....maybe a tint of red in the right gray...that's good!

For what its worht I'M PISSED at the "council" who made the ridiculous recommendations on mamograms, breast cancer, self exams etc....If I or the other two girls were to follow that advice, all three of us would be DEAD! Hopefully insurance companies will not use this as an excuse to stop covering tests for women.....I'm awfully busy with school, but if this looks like something that is happening I may need to become ""more politically active".......we shall see.....

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  1. I think it's a political ploy to cut costs. That is terrible advice. My OB/GYN does not approve! Neither do I.