Saturday, July 25, 2009

......ohhhh "what a long strange trip its beeeeeen......" Just back from a spinning class with Shanna (from Underarmour) in Baltimore...... THey've treated all three of us girlss and our spouses fantastically....had a thousand pictures taken in the photo shoot.....hopefully O will look decent in one of them......if you go into Dicks sporting goods or Nordstroms or anyplace else where they feature the Underarnour Power in Pink product line, you will see the picture of all three of us! They have asked me to be an expert health professional on their web site! They also are interested in having me appear at different educational events to talk about the benefits of exercise, eating right, nd how that helps with fighting cancer and dealing with exciting is this? Something I've always wanted to do.....just had to get cancer to do it I guess! Making an opportunitity out of an obstacle! Detter go take a shower now!

Everyone get in a workout today!


  1. That is AWESOME. Great to hear you are keeping a positive attitude. Keep it up

  2. That is WONDERFUL! I'm still working on Opra!