Monday, May 25, 2009

my e-mail

Hope everyone is hanging in there....I've been doing my best, but I do have to say the combination of chemo, a cold, more chemo then (almost)bronciitis with a bad cough at night has really thrown me a 1-2 punch. This last week I have probably been more tired, than I have ever been sice this whole thing began...too tired to even write this blog....anyway, now on antibiotics (how any germs can live in my body I have no idea). I even missed a couple workouts because I needed to sleep......the whole rest thing is isn't in my nature....thinking I'm finally starting to get better.....


  1. Laura, remember your doctor told you to keep your strength and save your energy for fighting to get better, so do it! Sue

  2. Hey...I've been resting more than ever....Think I'm on the rebound though...