Sunday, April 19, 2009

HAve had a hard time finding time to even post a team I'm coaching (Destination Imagination) made it to the State Finals They did awsome but didn't make it to Global finals (I am somewhat releived....I would have had to move my last chemo if they had made it). PAin meds before and after "fills" made things a little better...was able to function, drive to Indy for the competition, and function Saturday at the competition as well! Was short of breath with chest pains there was no "space" for awhile...must be what it feels like to have a heart attack.

Stayed with a college roomate and her family...a full workout room at her awsome was this? Got her eliptical warmed up for her Saturday morning.

Anyway I have found a couple cereals that are 100% RDA of iron so am eating this...will have time now to get back to some of this info. I do feel like I have more energy already....might be psychological....

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