Friday, April 3, 2009

Am sorry I haven't checked in for a few youngest (Alex) is in a play at College of Mt.St. Joe (Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat) and have been with him at practice/performance every day since Monday from 5:30-9:30......It's all over Sunday.

Anyway, so I go out for a run Wednesday in Sharon Woods.....and what's the deal , why are my legs so tired (did an easy workout on Tuesday after the bike ride Mon. ) well I did figure out that the first half of my run was uphill against the wind, it was amazing how easy the second half on the way back was! After all it surely couldn't be from the chemo or that I'm getting old!

Had a revelation.....a friend said something about,"well when things get back to normal let me know....." Guess it suddenly occurred to me that I have to make a new definition of what normal is for me......I will be going through chemo, radiation, etc through frankly, there will be no "normal " for quite a long time and even normal after all of that will certainly not be what used to be considered normal for me.

Bottum line is all of us have to roll with the punches, no matter what detours life throws at us, we need to constantly redefine "normal".....Make an opportunity out of an obstacle!" Keep on keeping on because "normal" will constantly be evelving into a new definition.

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