Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some one asked (Tony) why I don't use face book...I simply don't have time....barely have time to do this.....anyway...

....It was one year ago today that I was diagnosed officially with cancer, and what a year it has bee! Whocould have thought in their sildest dreams that things would be so different in so many ways.
1. who would have thought that I'd be representing Underarmor power in pink be on the Baltimore Ravens Football field during a game and be introduced to a roaring crowd. Be an expert at a festival, and have my picture in several magazines and sports stores.
2. Who would have thought I'd be in school AGAIN can't beleive I've made it this far.....all on chemo brain, and radiation.....hopefully it will all be worth it
3. Who would have thought my "former employer" would be such jerks (OK guess I could have guessed that one) not even returning phone calls and e-mails when I offered to come back to work....Their loss, they could have goten quite a bit of "good" publicity instead of what they've gotten.
4. Who would have thought, surgery, chemo, radiation, and everything else would have barely slowed me down....still working out and staying strong!
5. And who would have thought I'd be on TV not once but twice!
Through all of this I have to say it's shown me who friends and professionals are and who was "fake"(you all know who I'm talking about), using me for their purpose at the time. .....Not quite finished yet.
Reconstructive surgery Dec 22, have lymphedema in my right arm, am trying to "control" it....all in all though, can't complain!

Hope everyone got out and worked out today!

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  1. What a trip! Hopefully things will calm down a bit now. Nice hair cut. Just keep chugging along. You are one in a million.