Sunday, September 6, 2009

2 weeks after chemo ends with decadron and I finally slept last hoping this is the beginning of a streak. Strange that I'm still having side efects from chemo.....almost all my finger nails are purple underneath and still painful to pressure....still not sure if I'll lose them....finger tips still numb, and toes and the bottum of my feet are still numb. Hoping all of these side effects will go away soon. Amazingly powerful drugs.......Will probably start radiation next more thing to "fit into the schedule"......

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  1. We just wanted to wish you well as you move forward on your treatment and let you know that people in the community are thinking of you. Thanks for sharing your experiences so that others may find hope in your story.

    Your Friends from Tour for the Cure
    in Southeast Indiana
    (Dearborn County Visitors Center)